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Services for Site License Customers.

  • One Administration Account - You can control and update all your institutions subscription information from one adminstration system including adding IP ranges, associating new license IDs and changing contact details.
  • Flexible Purchasing - A site license model that allows your institution to select the product features most suitable to your users with pricing based on FTE count.
  • Product Versioning - Allows an instituion to select the most suitable product for their users. Our product versions are tailored to a specific library segment such as corporations, academic institutions, government and public libraries, consortia groups, school K-12, and other special libraries.
  • International Access -Licenses are offered for international access .
  • Web statistics - Web site usage reports are availble on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis to gauge the popularity of specific content and pages from your users.
  • Remote Access Authentication.- For institutions with non-static IP ranges, access can be authnticated using username/passwords as well as industry standard solutions.(Not Available for public library usage)
  • Customer Service Accessibility -We publish informative online help pages for 24 hour support. Trained support staff are available by telephone or e-mail.
  • Promotional Tools - Tools to promote subscriptions with your institution are available to print or download from the Extranet Gateway.
  • The Extranet Gateway - A one-stop resource for all your account managment needs.
  • E-mail alerts - Sign-up to receive the latest information on new subscription features, packages, new products, content areas, from our entire family of products.