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Marketing Data Samples


U.S. Business Reporter uses a proprietary method to forecast industry marketing data. The information we provide is collected and abstracted from multiple sources. In addition, we use our own internal data to develop a scenario about the future prospects of a specific market category. Prime Market™ is one of the most important new features of the U.S. Business Reporter site. Each category of Prime Market™ represents one marketing report. We have added this section based on subscriber/user response and through focus groups.

The following marketing samples will give you perspective of the breadth and depth of maketing coverage we provide. Since this is a rigourous collection process, it takes a significant amount of time to compile and provide marketing data. Therefore, you may not see the specific category that you are interested in. However, we are continuing to add more and more market categories (or market capsules ) to our data base all the time.


Prime Market™
Market Value Cookie Market
Market Forecast PDA Device forecast
Market Sector Chemical
Market Trend Video Game Market  
Market Commentary OSB / Plywood Market  

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