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Customer Service & Support.

U.S. Business Reporter offers several different customer support levels for libraries. This includes our standard customer support, Blue Ribbon™ Service, and Gold Ribbon™ Service.

Our Award Winning account management is designed to offer all of our library accounts superior customer support. You are assigned a single account manager no matter what product you purchase from our company. We give you individual attention to your needs and our account managers are fully aware and familar with your needs and concerns .Most companies only have a call center which can alienate customers. Our account managers fully understand your needs because we are more familiar with who you are as a customer. Further, our account managers are well trained to handle nearly any issue with your institution from sales to technical support needs.

Service Levels.

Standard Support.

Our standard customer support is designed for general inquiries from patrons and and non-customers who need an answer about products, features, or types of services offered. This service is also designed for patrons that use U.S. Business Reporter from an academic library, public library, or k-12 library who need a particular question answered. This support is primarily offerd through general electronic mail inquiries.

Blue Ribbon™ Service.

Our Blue Ribbon Service is offered to all institution library administrators for toll-frree customer and technical support. Most telephone support is available from 8:00 am to 6pm pacific standard time, Monday through Friday. In addition, a self-service administration page is available 24 hours a day , 7 days per week which allows you to administer your account with us.

Gold Ribbon™ Service.

Our Gold Ribbon Service™ is available primarily to library consortiums and statewide libraries with updated customer service support and a self-service corporate extranet page which allows them to provide and administer their account with U.S. Business Reporter.


Account Administration.

Through the USBR Extranet , your can fully administer your account through this self service feature. Our USBR Extranet administration page allows you to perform a multitude of different tasks. This includes downloading invoices, paing invoices, viewing web statistics, adding new databases, and managing renewals, and more.