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About US

Who is U.S. Business Reporter ?

Centium, Inc. is a global provider of intellectual property products and services consisting of professional online media products, printed materials, research services, computer software, bioinformatics, electronic books, cable televison programming, and trade shows/seminars. Based in San Diego, California, we plan on an aggressive growth plan with new offices planned for San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York.

Centium, Inc. is the publisher of U.S. Business Reporter, the business research web site which offers business professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, college professors, and students a broad array of research topics that reduces the time to find important business, industry, and financial data statistics and forecasts.

How long have you been in business ?

Centium, Inc. has been in business since 1994. The company officially began publishing U.S. Business Reporter in 1998.

Where are you located ?

U.S. Business Reporter's corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, California.

Who owns U.S. Business Reporter ?

U.S. Business Reporter is a privately held company owned and operated by Centium, Inc.

What are the qualifications of your staff ?

All staff engaged in publishing industry, stock, and statistical research have either BS or Master's degree in Business Adminstration. Each industry and equity analyst has a minimum of 7 years of progressive on-going experience in a specific area of industry coverage.

Who are your clients ?

Our clients or customers consist of colleges and universities, financial services companies, banks, insurance companies, local and regional chamber of commerces', governmental organizations, college students, researchers, librarians, market researchers, market planners, and individual investors.