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Trial Access .

Trial access is ONLY available to institutional customers such as academic, public, school, and statewide libraries. Our trial period is normally a 30 day period, unless otherwise specified.

You have access to the same information as a regular licensee of our dataabse content. However, there are a few details that are different:

1 ) PDF Reports during the trial require a username/password combination that's given to the trial institution at the commencement of the trial.

2 ) PDF Reports are NOT available for printing under trial usage.

3 ) You have the option of using either a username/password or IP address under the trial. However, under certain circumstance, we may only require you to use a username/password only.

4 ) Administrative functions such as administrative pages , web statistics, and our extranet are NOT available to trial user institutions.

5 ) TRIAL usage requires a price quote from our sales department before any access begins.